The Pink Collection is an exclusive collection of games, art, music, and demos, inspired by The Magpie Collection. It was originally going to be exclusive to only the Pink Team, but since the end of The War, however, the plan has been changed so that everyone will get the collection upon release. This collection was announced to be released on February 28th, 2018. That date has changed to the 4th of March.

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Origin Edit

The Pink Collection was originally invented by Fedorpig as a way to bribe people into the Pink Team. Although the Green Team did not believe the Pink Team would fulfil it's promise, it has been confirmed that it is actually in existence.

Content Edit

This is a progressively growing list of content in the collection organized by contributor:

Fedorpig Edit

  • Filework FRENZY - Featuring a track from Tom Himself
  • The VOID - DEMO
  • Volumetric Lullabies
  • Coral - Old Level Collection
  • FPParkour Thing - Old Level Collection
  • Light - Old Level Collection
  • Miscellaneous Stuff

HavingFunTimes Edit

  • The Laboratory: In Case of an Unfortunate Experiment - Featuring a track from Tom Himself
  • Make It Pink
  • The Perilous Adventure of Twine Game Man

Red Rax Edit

  • Red Rax - The Game: An Introduction (document)

Iris616 Edit

  • Coalescence

"The Laboratory: In Case of an Unfortunate Experiment" proved to be the most successful title in this collection, with 89 downloads, with Filework Frenzy coming in second at 61.

A T-shirt is now available for those who want it at this link.The collection was released on March 4th, 2018.