FANDOM is the inhouse storyreader, and also parttime animator/emotemaker. Edit

Not much is known about this legendary creature other than the fact that he lives in Denmark, is a parttime animator and has made a few emotes for the Crows.

Actual role on the Discord. Edit

STANN has made a couple of emotes for the server, including but not limited to :bobbyded2: He is also known to come up with lyrics for songs on the spot, which has lead to multiple laughs, as well as read stories that have been requested.

Other shit Edit

He is also known to make animations, the latest one resulting in him asking for images of casual bondage. It was also because of him, some people on the server will randomly say "I gotta say, i like ya coop"

He also made the danish subtitles for "The Stanley Parable", a game by William. When asked about it his response was "ya know, i did a bad job, looking back"

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