The Pink Team was the opposite of the Green Team in The War.

The folk on the Pink Team had various ideas of what to do, including making Fedorpig their Captain, attempting to coax people into joining Pink Team, and even making their own response to The Magpie Collection, known as The Pink Collection.

They received the password to The Magpie Collection.

The final team count as of 5/15/2018 was 40 members.

The Pink CollectionEdit

The Pink Collection is an exclusive collection of games, art, music, and demos that is only exclusive the pink team members. Anyone who has joined Pink Team will have access to the collection instantly. When it is released, you will be able to download it. Silker, the creator of the Accounting Plus Soundtrack, also contributed to "Filework Frenzy" and "The Laboratory: In Case of an Unfortunate Experiment".

The Mutineer Edit

Icedrous was originally on the Pink Team. However, Alicia messed up the paperwork and put him on the Green Team after that, because he "originally" said Green. Now, while he is officially on the Green Team, he is an honorary member of the Pink Team, and acted as a Double Agent in The War. He was kicked for violating the Crows Crows Crows Discord Rules of Conduct. There is now a Crows Achievement called "The Mutineer".