Per Dom's request, no one can mention Spaghetti and Meatballs

When asked the reason for creating this arbitrary rule, he said that he was vegan, and just hated the idea of the meme.


Common alternatives include SnM, S & M, pasta and meat spheres

You need casual bondage images? Edit

An inside joke between MasterOfTheHats and (the casual bondage guy), which started after STANN requested some pictures of someone casually tying another person to a chair as inspiration for an animation.

I gotta say, I like ya coop! Edit

Another inside joke, this one started while STANN was reading a creepypasta called "A sunset in texas", where the bad guy kept telling the main character, cooper, "I gotta say, i like ya coop!"

That was invigorating/Can't have any genies mucking about. Edit

Both of these are quotes from an experimental piece of music made by one of the overlords, William to be exact

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