The Green Team was the opposite of the Pink Team in The War.

The folk on the green team had various ideas of what to do, however they did not choose a leader. (They did however opt to make craft the first meal in case our rations ran out, which I guess is pretty similar). They did spread propaganda, and generally just yelled at the Pink Team.

They received the username to The Magpie Collection.

Lore (AKA propaganda) Edit

  • Green Team was first made right when the Crows Crows Crows Discord was thought of as a concept.
  • Green Team consists not of members, but of the spirits of heroes.
  • Green Team does not technically exist fully in this world, but exists in a super-physical state.
  • Although the admins and developers have not made an official stance on the issue, it has been theorised by leading political expert MasterOfTheHats that the secret shadow government secretly supports Green Team.
  • Green Team is also 100% equal, and, unlike Pink Team, it doesn't need a leader/dictator.
  • No member of green team has an ego so big that it needs it's own wikipage.