5 Miles To Mum's (also known as 5 Miles to Mum's House and sometimes stylized as 5 MILES TO MUM'S or 5 MILES TO MUM'S HOUSE) was a game created by Dominik Johann and William Pugh in literally 3 minutes.[1]

Production Edit

5 Miles to Mum's was made in three minutes.[2]

Art Edit

One of those three minutes which delegated to the art, which was drawn by Dominik Johann. He seemingly did all the art on his drawing tablet.[3]

There are only three known art objects.

  1. A hand holding a bagel with a paper taped on that reads "FOR MUM"
  2. A wooden sign that reads "5 MILES TO MUM'S HOUSE"
  3. Various people with several different designs

Game design Edit

One minute was given to game design[4]

In an interview, Dom said this about William's design process:

"He basically just made a big green box using-to use as the floor, put my "Sign.png" in that I drew, uh made a particle system in to spawn, uh random characters around the player, used the pre-built first control and that's it"[5]

The game was made with Unity 4 Beta.

Sound Effects Edit

One minute was given to sound effects, which were preformed by both William and Dom. In an interview Dom described the sound effects as screams and "Hey, gimme your bagel, man!"[5]

Release Edit

5 MIles to Mum's was originally released through Dropbox[6] via a Tweet made by William Pugh at 7:24 P.M. on Febraury 24, 2015[1], but was late released onto Warpdoor[7][8].

Access Edit

The game is currently stored in a broken Dropbox link, which Dom said he does not have access to. When asked about it, William said it was not on his main computer.

Plans for the Future Edit

Though Dom has said that he'll do his best to recover it ASAP and William has said he'll check his externals ASAP, there has been no sign to show that either of them have any intention to bring 5 Miles to Mum's back.

Trailer Edit

A trailer was made for the game in the form of a 35 second Youtube video[9]. It features a song sung by William Pugh over a shaky video camera filming various shoots of shoots of 5 Miles to Mum's on a laptop and what seems to be Dom playing the guitar. There are 3 black caption screens which respectively read "WILLIAM PUGH", "DOMINIK JOHANN" and "MADE IN 3 MINUTES". Several parts of the video towards the end feature kaleidoscope-like imagery of the game and various color filters. The trailer was released on February 25, 2015.

Song Edit

The song is sung by William Pugh, with what seems to be Dom playing the guitar.

Lyrics Edit

Bought some pastry from a shop that's not rendered,

people asking for the bagel - now they're offended.

I'll keep walking, no matter what comes,

It's 5 miles to mum's.
Lot's of different people,
asking for something that's not mine to give,
shouting in my face, every day,
it's my life to live.
There's no shadow of my body,
but there's one for my thumbs
It's 5 miles to mum's.

Documentary Edit

A two part documentary was uploaded on Vine by Dom on Febraury 25, 2015. Part one covered the art, with the caption "art is done! one minute left to finish!" Part 2 covered the game development, with the caption "game is done! (we took an extra minute for sfx)".

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